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Vinny has been performing on the comedy circuit since 2006. His observational material about his life, family, and what's going on in the world combined with his storyteller personae have made him a fan favorite and a well respected man among comics on the Atlanta Comedy Scene.

In September 2010 he joined The Regular Guys show on Rock 100.5 and was a major character on the show until December 2014.


In 2011 he was voted Best Comedian in Atlanta by the readers of Creative Loafing Magazine.

In 2014, Vinny created The Boochcast on Blog Talk Radio and it was voted the #1 Podcast in Atlanta. The show can currently be heard on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcast and iHeartRadio. 

In 2016 he became the star of the hit show Daytime Fighting League on Adult Swim which lasted for two seasons. 


In January 2017, he joined Wenz World on AM 920 The Answer where he co-hosted The Male Soap Opera Moment segment until September 2018 when the show was taken off the air. 

In July 2017, Vinny re-joined The Regular Guys Show where he was given the title of Director Of Fighting, Conflict and Drama. He worked there until November 2017 when the show was taken off the air.

In April 2018, Vinny joined Universal Championship Wrestling where he worked as a commentator, street team member, salesman and ambassador. In August 2018, Vinny left the company after he felt overworked and underappreciated. 


In March 2019, Vinny returned to UCW on his terms and conditions that would allow him to focus on his outside projects and just be a commentator. 2 months later, he became the Ring Announcer and the official voice of UCW after his broadcast partner MadDog Dan Sawyer was fired from the company. In December 2019, he left the company after a money dispute. 

In April 2019, Booch reunited with Wenz to bring back The Male Soap Opera Moment in podcast form. It can be found on the Wenz World YouTube Channel. In April 2023, Vinny's former Boochcast Co-Host Desmond Dagenhart joined the show. 

In July 2020 Booch put out a docuseries in conjunction with The School Of Humans called Booch And The Car which aired on Amazon Prime. It can currently be seen on YouTube. 

In February 2021, Booch became a core cast member on The Going Live Show where he was involved in multiple hilarious sketches. His most known sketch was "SHE'S KAREN" where Booch played Karen, a hardcore conservative valley girl. 

In May 2021, Booch became the manager of Wrestling Legend Buff Bagwell. They worked together full time until August 2022. They still work together but only on occasion due to scheduling issues. 

In 2023, Vinny became a video editor and worked for a few months at the DDPYOGA Performance Center and now currently does freelance work in that genre. 

Vinny still continues to perform and entertain in various genres across the country. 

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